Musandam Khasab Tour


    The Musandam Khasab Tour is a popular tourist attraction located in the Musandam Governorate of Oman. It offers visitors a chance to explore the stunning natural beauty of the region, including its rugged mountains, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque fjords.


    Musandam Khasab Tour provides a unique and memorable experience for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It allows you to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of the region, while also learning about Omani culture and history.


    •    Pick up & Drop off to the said Location
    •    5-6 Hours Dhow Cruise (Traditional style Omani Dhow)
    •    Dedicated Guest Relation crew (English Speaking /Language Speaking Guide if required)
    •    Buffet Lunch on Board
    •    Soft Drinks & Mineral Water
    •    Fresh Fruits & Assorted Packed Snacks
    •    Life Jackets, Snorkelling Kits (Mask, Snorkel & Fin set) & Towels
    •    Suitable Sharing Vehicle with English Speaking Chauffeur cum Guide


    •    Hotel pick up and drop off (if direct reporting)

    Booking Information

    Location: Musandam is a peninsula situated on the Strait of Hormuz, separating the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman. Khasab is the capital city of the Musandam Governorate and serves as the starting point for most tours.
    Dhow Cruise: The highlight of the Musandam Khasab Tour is a traditional dhow cruise. Dhows are traditional Omani wooden boats that have been used for centuries by local fishermen. During the cruise, you'll sail through the scenic fjords, also known as the "Norway of Arabia." The fjords offer breathtaking views of steep cliffs, hidden coves, and pristine waters.
    Dolphin Watching: Musandam is known for its vibrant marine life, and dolphin watching is a popular activity during the tour. Keep an eye out for playful dolphins swimming alongside the dhow, performing acrobatic displays.
    Snorkeling and Swimming: The tour usually includes opportunities for snorkeling and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Oman. You can explore the underwater world teeming with colorful coral reefs and a variety of marine species.
    Visit Telegraph Island: One of the stops during the cruise is Telegraph Island, also known as Jaz?rat al-Maqlab. This historic island was once a British telegraph outpost in the 19th century. You can explore the ruins and learn about its significance in maritime history.
    Traditional Omani Lunch: Most tours include a delicious traditional Omani lunch served on board the dhow. You can savor authentic Omani cuisine, including grilled fish, rice, salads, and local specialties.
    Fishing: Some tours offer the opportunity to try your hand at traditional Omani fishing techniques. The crew will provide the necessary equipment, and you can enjoy the thrill of catching your own fish.

    What to Bring
    Please carry Swim Wear. There are changing rooms with in the Dhow. The Dhow Cruise will be subject to weather conditions. Once the booking is confirmed, we will send you the terms and conditions for the bookings.

    Note:- Please carry Swim Wear. There are changing rooms with in the Dhow. The Dhow Cruise will be subject to weather conditions. Once the booking is confirmed, we will send you the terms and conditions for the bookings.

    Documents Required:
    E Visa can be applied on the following link:

    • Apply for Oman Visa online within 30 days of travel date. The bearer must enter the country within 30 days from the date of issue; otherwise the visa will be cancelled.
    • UAE exit fee (AED 35/ -) at UAE border and Oman visa  cost (OMR 5.00). This is applicable for all guests including children and infants.
    • Self-drive vehicles must be Oman insured.
    • Passengers coming with a rent a car must carry a NOC certificate from the car renting company to cross the border to Oman Via Al Dhara border.
    • Changing rooms are available within the Dhow
    • The Dhow Cruise will be subject to weather conditions.
    • The booking confirmation is subject to availability and payment receipt.
    • All passengers must carry their original passports with a minimum validity of 6 months

    Nationalities eligible for on-arrival visa from the border.
    Australia / Andorra / Austria / Bulgaria / Belgium / Brunei / Canada / China / Croatia / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / France / Finland / Greece / Estonia / Germany / Hong Kong / Hungary / Iceland / Italy / Ireland / Japan / Liechtenstein / Luxembourg / Latvia / Lithuania / Malta / Malaysia / Monaco / New Zealand / Netherlands / Norway / Paraguay / Portugal / Romania / Russia / Poland / San Marino / South Korea / Singapore / Spain / Slovenia / Sweden / Slovakia / Switzerland / USA / Ukraine / UK
    * Other nationalities must have a UAE resident visa with Managerial / Supervisor profession with minimum 3month validity for visa and passport.

    Cancellation Policy

    •    Cancellation made before 72 hrs will get full refund
    •    Cancellation made within 72 hrs will be charged 100%

    Tours location


    •    06.00 am : Guests Pickup from the said location (Exact time will update 1 day prior)
    •    09.30 am : Arrival in Khasab & Transfer to the harbor.
    •    10.00 am : Meet & Greet on board and Cruise starts
    •    11:00 am : Reach Nadifi, briefing about Nadifi
    •    11.15 am : Possibility to see Dolphins
    •    11:30 am : Reach Quanah, briefing about Quanah
    •    11:50 am : Telegraph Island, briefing about Telegraph Island
    •    12:15 pm : 1st stop for Swimming & Snorkeling (Telegraph Island)
    •    01.00 pm : Buffet Lunch on board
    •    01.30 pm : Sailing to the Sibi Island
    •    02.00 pm : 2nd stop for Swimming & Snorkeling (Sibi Island)
    •    02.15 pm : Possibility to see Dolphins
    •    02:30 pm : Sailing to Shimm
    •    03:00 pm : Shimm, information about Shimm Island
    •    04:00 pm : Back @ Harbor and Departure

    Price Info

    Tour Type Adult Child Infant
    Musandam Khasab - Direct Reporting - Sharing 0 NA NA
    Musandam Khasab - with Transfers - Sharing 0 NA NA

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