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    The Earth is teeming with captivating plant and animal life, and such wonders can also be found in Green Planet Dubai—a remarkable vertical tropical forest awaiting your exploration. Journey through the ancient and vibrant ecosystem, immersing yourself in the tropical forests and creating lasting memories to cherish. At Green Planet Dubai, our sole purpose is to showcase the beauty of nature for all to behold.


    The Green Planet Dubai is an innovative and immersive indoor rainforest located in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore and experience a tropical ecosystem, complete with a diverse range of plants, animals, and interactive exhibits.


    •    Full access to all areas of the Green planet park.  
    •    Photography 
    •    A Biologist's Guide 
    •    Wheelchair availibility


    •    Food and drinks
    •    Smoking is not allowed

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    Rainforest Biome: The main attraction is a massive biodome that replicates the lush environment of a tropical rainforest. It is a self-sustaining ecosystem that houses over 3,000 species of plants, trees, and flowers, creating a breathtaking and immersive experience.

    Canopy Walk: Visitors can embark on an elevated walkway that winds its way through the rainforest canopy, offering panoramic views of the vibrant flora and fauna below. The walk provides a unique perspective on the rainforest ecosystem and allows for up-close encounters with various plant and animal species.

    Animal Encounters: The Green Planet Dubai is home to a fascinating array of animals, including sloths, snakes, insects, birds, and much more. Visitors can witness these creatures up close and learn about their natural habitats, behaviors, and conservation efforts to protect them.

    Interactive Exhibits: Throughout the attraction, there are numerous interactive exhibits and educational displays designed to engage visitors of all ages. These exhibits provide insights into the importance of rainforests, the interdependence of different species, and the need for environmental conservation.

    Guided Tours and Educational Programs: The Green Planet Dubai offers guided tours led by knowledgeable experts who provide informative commentary on the various aspects of the rainforest. They explain the ecological significance of the rainforest, its biodiversity, and the challenges it faces. Additionally, the attraction offers educational programs for schools and groups, promoting environmental awareness and conservation.

    Café and Gift Shop: There is a café within The Green Planet Dubai where visitors can take a break and enjoy refreshments amidst the tropical surroundings. The gift shop offers a range of eco-friendly souvenirs, educational materials, and sustainable products related to rainforest conservation.

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