Emirates Park Zoo


    Emirates Park Zoo is home to more than 1700 creatures and is a sanctuary for over 250 rare and endangered species. When you obtain Emirates Park Zoo tickets, you open the door to a world of exploration through its diverse sections, including the Primate Parade, Petting Zoo, and Wildlife Walk. Delight in captivating shows like the Lion Presentation show and the Tropical Birds show, among others. This zoo stands as an ideal destination, offering a day of enjoyment for both friends and family. Its expansive array of animal areas and engaging activities ensures a fun-filled experience for all.


    Emirates Park Zoo places a strong emphasis on conservation and raising awareness about the importance of protecting endangered species and their habitats. It aims to foster a sense of responsibility towards wildlife and the environment among its visitors. The zoo also includes a petting zoo area where children and adults can get up close with domesticated animals, enhancing the hands-on learning experience.


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    Booking Information

    • The customer receives a confirmation via email after successful booking. If it's not received kindly contact our customer service team

    Age Policy: 

    • Infants aged below 2 years will receive free entry as per the infant policy.
    • Children aged 2 and above will be regarded as adults and will be subject to the adult admission fee.

    Important Information:

    • Please ensure you have a Photo ID with you as it will be required for verification at the entrance.
    • Animal feeding must always be conducted under the supervision of zoo personnel.
    • Wheelchair and stroller facilities are provided for visitors' convenience.

    Cancellation Policy

    • Once tickets are purchased, they cannot be cancelled or refunded.

    Tours location


    Arrival: Upon arrival, present your ticket at the entrance for verification.

    Exploration: Begin your journey through the zoo's diverse sections, each replicating natural habitats.Discover over 1700 creatures from various species and regions.

    Animal Feeding: If interested, participate in supervised animal feeding sessions guided by zoo staff.

    Shows: Attend captivating shows like the Lion Presentation show and the Tropical Birds show.Enjoy educational and entertaining presentations showcasing the animals' behaviors.

    Primate Parade: Explore the Primate Parade section, observing different primate species and their behaviors.

    Petting Zoo: Visit the Petting Zoo area and interact with friendly domesticated animals.Experience hands-on learning and engagement.

    Wildlife Walk: Take a leisurely stroll through the Wildlife Walk area, encountering a variety of animals.

    Facilities: Utilize the available wheelchair and stroller facilities if needed.

    Photo Opportunities: Capture memorable moments with the diverse range of animals and exhibits.

    Departure: Conclude your visit, ensuring you have all your belongings.Depart the zoo with enriching experiences and newfound knowledge about wildlife.

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    Tour Type Adult Child Infant
    Standard Zoo Entry - Sharing 50 NA NA

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