Witness Mesmerizing Dubai with Sky Views Observatory and Edge Walk

    Hey, are you in Dubai? If yes, you shouldn't miss the heart of Downtown Dubai- Sky Views Dubai. It's a recently completed high-rise building that has become the top attraction for tourists. 

    While in Dubai and looking for adventure and iconic views from fascinating heights, where else do you need to go than Sky Views? You can sign up for a day and enjoy beyond what you can imagine with a Sky Views Observatory, a Glass Slide, and an Edge Walk. 

    Let us tell you how amazingly you can catch the epic views of Dubai in this way!

    How to Enjoy Breathtaking Views of Dubai at Address Sky Views

    Let's start with the Dubai Sky Views Observatory!

    Sky Views Observatory is housed 219.5 meters above the ground level, on the 52nd and 53rd floor of the twin Address Sky Views Hotel in Dubai. It's popular for offering both locals and tourists a mesmerizing and unparalleled sight of the city, making it perfect for couples and families. You can embark on an exhilarating adventure within its encompassing glass elevator and witness the iconic views of Burj Khalifa and the entire city. 

    Next, there's the Glass Slide to glide down from the 53rd to 52nd floor of the tower! Do you think we are kidding? Not at all! The 46-meter expanded outdoor sliding glass floor will let you relish the breathtaking panoramas of the city at an incredible speed, whether it be a glimmering coastline or the skyline. 

    Another thing you can do here is to have an Edge Walk experience, especially if you love adventure! It's a perfect activity for adventure enthusiasts like you, as hanging off the building edge (with professional and equipment assistance) and hands-free walking along a ledge around the top of the tower is something to make your day unforgettable. No barriers, no windows!

    Now, speaking of Sky Views Dubai tickets, it's up to you which one you want to buy. Generally, Sky Views Observatory is the most popular one among tourists to make your day memorable by witnessing iconic city views, sunsets, and some adventure. 

    Note: Expect long waiting lines. 

    Best Time to Visit Dubai Sky Views Observatory

    Well, there's no specific time to visit Sky Views, whether it be in Observatory and Glass Slide or Edge Walk. But, research shows that it's always best to plan your adventure during sunset to witness unparalleled views of Dubai. However, you may experience a little bit of crowd at this time, and if you want to avoid that, go in the early afternoon or late evening!

    Insider Tips for Visiting the Address Sky Views

    Here are a few things you need to know before you visit Sky Views Observatory and ride the Glass Slide or have the Edge Walk experience. For example:

    • Always carry your passport or a valid photo ID to Dubai Sky Views and the voucher indicating the date and time.
    • If you or any of your family members have medical and physical health conditions, inform Sky Views staff before the adventure starts, for instance, neck or back weakness, heart disease, fractures, motion sickness, pregnancy, or neurological disorders.
    • The Sky Views Observatory and Glass Slide have weight and height restrictions, such as the weight should be between 50 to 100 kilograms, whereas the height should be between 130 to 210 cm. 
    • Make sure to wear moderate and comfortable outfits. 
    • Never carry any luggage, large baggage, food and beverages, and pets to the Sky Views.
    • Age should be between 12 and 65 years (Note: if you are under 18, it requires Parents' consent in person)

    How to Get to Sky Views

    The best way to get to the Sky Views Observatory is by bus, metro, and car. 

    • For the bus, you can choose the closest stop, which is the Dubai Mall Metro Bus Stop Landside 1. It's a 6-minute walk to your destination.
    • For the metro, the Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Metro station is the nearest one due to its 6-minute walking distance from the attraction. 
    • While driving there by car, go from the center of Dubai to the first interchange to the Financial Centre Road.

    In Conclusion

    So, are you ready to embark on your adventure? If yes, connect with us. At Arabian Excursions, we are offering handpicked activities in Address Sky Views at the best prices, including Sky Views Observatory with one complimentary glass slide per ticket and an Edge Walk experience for up to 20 minutes. You can rest assured of a stress-free experience with our reliable local travel experts. Book now!

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