Museum Of The Future: Masterpiece of Dubai to never miss

    Museum Of The Future: Masterpiece of Dubai to never miss

    Are you in Dubai for vacation? If yes, and planning a day's trip along Sheikh Zayed Road, we guess you already have done your research and found out about the mesmerizing futuristic museum of Dubai. This breathtaking oval-shaped building is the most stunning beauty in the world now, holding an extraordinary amalgamation of sustainable solutions and futuristic technology under a single roof. 

    And, if you are planning a Museum of the Future tour, you should know what you can expect to see here. Let's dive in.

    Everything You Need to Know About Museum of The Future in Dubai

    Museum of The Future is a futuristic and innovative institution offering timeless experiences with its scientific development, advanced technologies, and emerging trends that make it the hottest and latest landmark of Dubai. You can experience here a day from the year 2071 transcending the boundaries of time while getting an opportunity to discuss and explore future ideas shaping different fields, from science to design, technology to art, and culture. But, before you book Museum of the Future tickets, there are a few things you should definitely know. Such as:

    Museum of the Future Unique Design and Features

    This innovative Museum of the Future opened its doors recently on February 22nd, 2022. With its masterpiece design and features, it has become one of the fourteen most elegant museums in the world. Of its unique features, you can enjoy the following ones:

    • The future of biodiversity powered by 4,000-megawatt solar power collaborating with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
    • This building has a garden with over 100 plant species where you can realize the rich heritage of the UAE. 
    • Computer-controlled machine tools cutting around 1,000 molds for any stainless steel and fiberglass frame
    • The urban icon features Arabian calligraphy of 14 kilometers spelling out iconic quotes of Sheikh Mohammed designed by Emirati artist Mattar bin Lahej.
    • Awe-inspiring entry to the museum
    • Excluding the 6th and 7th floors, you can access any floor and explore the opportunities and threats of our time to ensure a better future.

    Note: This museum has obtained a Platinum Certification for Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design, making it the highest-rated green building worldwide. 

    Things You Can Expect to See in the Museum Of The Future

    Speaking of immersive experiences in Dubai, This museum won't let you down! At the Museum Of The Future, your tour starts with going into an elevator that will take you to the space station. Each visitor here has a role to play and is asked to solve the world's problems: The earth is sick, and you need to look out over it. And, this immersive experience makes this museum unique!

    Again, you can see here futuristic technologies like the prototypes of weight loss pills and mind-reading implants. It showcases how researchers and designers are co-working and coping with the most urgent challenges.

    If you are thinking of bringing your little ones to this museum, let us tell you that there is a children's area here for young visitors so they can partake in different activities inspired by video games and experience an unforgettable tour. Also, the tasks here encourage their unique problem-solving and forward-thinking skills.

    Museum of the Future Timings

    For every individual, the Museum Of The Future is a platform for the discovery of the futuristic world. Every day, the staff here host a series of different events and talks where scientists, prominent figures, and innovators will share their thoughts and opinions. And, if you want to visit here at least once, this beautiful museum is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm for individuals of all ages.

    How to visit the Museum of the Future

    This Museum of the Future is at Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, where you can get:

    • By metro from Emirates Towers metro station on the Red Line just a short walk
    • By car at the museum car parking
    • By bus which stops near the museum

    Museum of the Future Tickets Price

    While planning to visit the Museum Of The Future, your first question may probably be, “How much Is a Museum of the Future Ticket?” Well, for every tour agency, it varies. However, at Arabian Excursions, our price starts from around AED 149, and tickets are non-refundable, regardless of the circumstances.

    With us, you can have an unforgettable tour of Dubai, including the Museum Of The Future. You can explore the art, science, technology, and culture of this futuristic museum in Dubai at its best. We have shared a general overview of what this beautiful building may encompass that will be helpful for you before a visit, for sure. Book your tickets now!

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