Inside Burj Al Arab: Witness an Unforgettable Luxury Awaiting

    Inside Burj Al Arab: Witness an Unforgettable Luxury Awaiting

    Hey, do you know Burj Al Arab is welcoming its guests on a luxurious exploration of Inside Burj Al Arab to let them experience the ultimate opulence? And, if you are planning to visit Dubai this winter, we guess you won’t like to miss such a chance to live like a king for a day at Burj Al Arab! After all, it's not merely a seven-star lavish hotel but a dream people desire to live at least once. Excited to know what you are going to witness inside Burj Al Arab? Let us reveal the secret!

    What Will You Witness Once Stepping Inside Burj Al Arab Hotel?

    When on a trip to Dubai, the Burj Al Arab tour is the best thing to add to your travel plan. This luxurious hotel is one of the tallest buildings in the world, standing at a height of 1,053 feet (321 meters) with 56 floors and 199 exclusive suites on an official island, which is offshore from Jumeirah Beach. No wonder it dominates the Dubai skyline. 

    In fact, its unique sail-shaped silhouette makes it the most extraordinary luxurious hotel worldwide and the most preferred choice of travelers from around the world for its grandeur and commitment to unmatched luxury, like fine-dining restaurants, helipad, beach facilities, and much more inside the Burj Al Arab hotel.

    Now, let's come to the point- What experience will you have inside Burj Al Arab?

    First, you should expect a grand luxurious day with fantastic views while going on the Burj Al Arab tour. It starts with a welcoming drink and a transfer that will take you to Burj Al Arab island, where you can take selfies or group pictures (if traveling with friends or family) with the iconic city in the back and hold the memories of this amazing day.

    Next, the staff will take you for a traditional Emirati welcome at the welcome foyer of Burj Al Arab Hotel. Here, you may get an opportunity to hop on the panoramic elevator that will bring you to the 25th floor, where you can witness breathtaking views of Dubai's coastline.

    After that, your next stop on this tour is at the Experience Suite. Here, you will learn about the iconic history of Dubai before starting the hotel tour to sneak a peek at their luxurious suites and experience how it feels to live like a king for a day at Burj Al Arab. And, here are two things you should never miss- The spectacular gold interiors, made of 24-carat gold, reflecting its mesmerizing architecture and advanced engineering, and the renovated Exit Lobby with awe-inspiring decor made of Swarovski crystals. In this lobby, you will witness a dazzling chandelier and the biggest crystal ceiling in the world.

    Speaking of Burj Al Arab’s suites, the Presidential Two Bedroom Suite is the most iconic one. No surprise it’s called the Royal Suite! It runs two floors, including two luxurious bedrooms, separate dressing rooms, and two private bars with floor-to-ceiling windows with picturesque and majestic coastline views of Dubai.

    After taking such a long inside Burj Al Arab tour, we guess you are hungry. So, let’s head straight to the fine-dine restaurants of this grand hotel, where you can have an out-of-the-world dining experience! Here are nine unparalleled restaurants, including Al Iwan, Al Mahara Seafood Restaurant, and many more. You can see and choose any of them to have mouth-watering Arab cuisines.

    Last but not least, the luxe Talise Spa of Burj Al Arab, where you can feel the ultimate relaxation and royalty with all the amenities, like a steam room and sauna, and the helipad with 24-meter space accommodating up to 7.5 tons.

    Can’t Wait to See Inside Burj Al Arab in Dubai?

    If so, why wait so long? Book Burj Al Arab tickets now at Arabian Excursions! Let us take you on this exciting journey and witness the unparalleled luxury of Inside Burj Al Arab that will make your Dubai trip unforgettable for a lifetime. 

    Note: Make sure you dress perfectly, following the local customers.

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