Explore the Magic of Abu Dhabi Ferrari World: 4 Things You Must Know

    So, you have already planned your next trip to Abu Dhabi. Well, we can say it's a great choice. But, while exploring Abu Dhabi, the one place you should never miss out on is the Ferrari World Theme Park. It testifies Ferrari’s rich heritage, unwavering passion, boundless innovation, and unmatched performance. This remarkable attraction is situated on Yas Island, surrounded by a wide array of fascinating sights, exciting entertainment spots, and lavish accommodations! But, before you book your tickets, there are a few things you need to know about this Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. Find out here.

    Things You Need to Know Before Going for the Ferrari World Exploration

    In the world of motorsport and automobiles, the Ferrari stable has operated some of the most exceptional machines. And, the Ferrari World is a translation of experiencing the rides in true Ferrari style. Of course, it’s easy to book your tickets to this Ferrari World and explore the symbol of lavishness and Italian flair at Ferrari in this theme park. 

    But, before that, you need to know a few vital things. See here:

    #1: Best time to visit the Ferrari World

    Speaking of the months, November to March is ideal for embarking on this remarkable journey of the Ferrari Theme Park. However, we suggest avoiding the weekends during these non-summer months as you may find the Ferrari World quite busy, which means you have to stand in the long entrance queues for the rides. Instead, book tickets for early mornings on weekdays and arrive at an earlier time of the day, like just after it opens, to avoid large crowds. 

    #2: How to get to the Ferrari Theme Park

    Well, there are two different ways to get into the Ferrari World. You can get there either by car or the Yas Express free shuttle. Let us tell you in brief:

    By Car

    • It takes just 10 minutes to drive to the Ferrari Theme Park from Abu Dhabi International Airport.
    • 50 minutes drive from Dubai Marina
    • While living near Abu Dhabi city center, you may need around 30 minutes to get there.
    • From Dubai International Airport, it will take around 90 minutes to drive so we suggest having time in your hand.

    By Yas Express free shuttle

    This shuttle has its stoppage at different locations on the island, which means flexible pick-up service. It runs daily from 9 a.m. to 11:35 p.m. The locations include:

    • Yas Plaza Hotels
    • Yas Waterland in Abu Dhabi
    • Yas Central
    • Yas Viceroy

    Well, you have countless options here. Yet, you may find it a little challenging to decide which ones you should go for. Don’t worry! We can help you pick the top rides at this Ferrari World Theme Park. For example:

    Turbo Track

    Do you love adventure and thrill? Then, it’s the first ride you should get on. Turbo Track is a high-speed roller coaster taking you through a vertical climb following a thrilling zero-gravity fall.

    Junior GT

    While visiting the Ferrari World with your friends, never miss taking a ride on this Junior GT. In this miniature street course, you will have an unforgettable experience to take your first drive in a Ferrari and take the scaled-down Ferrari F430 wheels. 

    Explore the speed of Magic-

    Here, you can enjoy the best ride of your life with 4D fantasy and thrilling experiences. Nello, the Ferrari driver, will take you to the spots you never have been with any other Ferrari. This ride includes light, temperature, and motion changes alongside featuring a 3-D movie. 

    Made in Maranello

    It’s one of the best parts of the Ferrari World, as you will learn how a Ferrari GT has been made. During this tour of Ferrari’s Maranello stable, you can enjoy exploring the story of turning metal into the car of everyone’s dreams. 

    Viaggio in Italy

    This ride comes with a multi-sensory stimulator to take you above the mesmerizing Italian landscape, where you will travel past villages, mountains, and even the irresistible Italian vineyards.

    However, there are other rides you can take a ride on, such as Flying Aces, Fiorano GT Challenge, Formula Rossa, and much more. 

    #4: Best Ferrari World tickets to buy

    In the Ferrari Theme Park, different kinds of tickets are available, making it challenging to pick the right one. Well, if you have a plan to to enjoy everything in this Ferrari world, we suggest going for the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ticket with a free shuttle. It includes everything, from the breathtaking natural beauty of Eastern Mangrove National Park (gliding through beautiful waterways) to wildlife, such as dolphins, exotic birds, and even occasional crocodiles and turtles, to guided Kayak tours.

    In Conclusion

    Are you ready to embark on this memorable and exciting journey to the Ferrari Theme Park in Abu Dhabi and experience the euphoria of racing the fastest roller coaster? Why wait, then? Join us at Arabian Excursions to book your tickets now! We can give you a complete day with unlimited access for boundless exploration of the Ferrari World and all its mesmerizing attractions.

    Note: Our tickets are non-refundable, and there’s no cancellation policy. However, you can get from three to six months of validity on tickets from the date of purchase. 

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