4 Reasons to Add Dubai Desert Safari Tours to Your Bucket List

    Dubai Desert Safari Tours Worth to be Added to Your Next  Holiday Bucket List: WHY?

    Speaking of luxury, Dubai has always been at the top. Thanks to its motherland allowing all the oil profits! The young Dubai is full of architectural wonders, skyscrapers, shopping malls, and entertainment. But, the iconic Arabian way of life and the beauty of the ancient desert have remained the same beyond all this glamor and glitz.

    And, while planning your next holiday, you should definitely keep Dubai on your bucket list because a luxury Dubai desert safari through this ancient desert and old Arabian lifestyle will let you discover the real Dubai for sure!Still on the fence? Let us tell you why it's a perfect destination for your next holiday!

    Why Is a Desert Safari in Dubai Best to Add Your Next Holiday Bucket List?

    In Dubai, you will witness the exceptional scenic beauty of sandy landscapes. In fact, exploring this ancient desert on a safari can be the best adventurous tour you have had so far! In fact, there's more to enjoy and discover in Dubai, making it worth being on one's holiday bucket list! Have a look:

    Iconic Desert Landscape

    The Dubai desert is just like a blank canvas! No wonder you can use it as a backdrop to give your creativity a perfect medium to spark! Here, the must-do activity is the evening desert safari to get an ultimate opportunity to explore the sand dunes through the adventurous dune bashing rides. We guess you won't let this chance go! 

    Moreover, if you are a photography enthusiast, you can also take advantage of this evening desert safari and capture the mesmerizing beauty of sunsets and sand dunes. In fact, you will feel like being on Mars when the sun hits the sand since you will witness a red hue surface, just like we see in the pictures of Mars!

    However, the desert landscape looks more beautiful at night. You can just plan a camp here during your evening desert safari with a BBQ dinner under the sky full of stars! And, since you're carrying a camera, make sure to bring the tripod too to capture a shooting start if you get a chance!

    Experience the Ancient Arabian Art and Culture

    The beauty of Dubai's desert landscapes doesn't lie just in the sunsets, sand dunes, and starry sky but in the rich Arabian art and culture. The colorful and breathtaking culture, like the fire show, Tanoura Dance, and Arabian Belly Dance, will leave you mesmerized. You will see talented women performing a folkloric dance known as Tanoura, whereas locals showcase their talent through fire-breathing performances.  

    Also, speaking of art, you can visit Souvenir shops here to get henna tattoos. Here, you can ask the artist to create your own design or choose from a set of designs. It lasts a couple of days and then fades away eventually. 

    Bonus Tip: If you really want to enjoy these Arabian dances and culture, try to avoid visiting Ramadan. They aren't available during that period.

    Select Your Own Adventure

    There's the vast desert in front of you, and you have enough time available. So, why wait? You have so many activities to do here and create an unforgettable trip. For example, you can hop on a 4x4 Air Conditioned Vehicle to enjoy the dune bashing or do sandboarding. And, when you roll or tumble while sliding down a sand slope, it can be the funniest and most memorable holiday video of yours! As an optional activity, you can also go for short camel rides and even quad biking. 

    Bonus Tip: Make sure you don't forget to carry sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and comfortable shoes during the desert safari tours.

    Ultimate BBQ dinner Buffet In Arabian cuisine, meat and spice are the most important elements you can taste during a luxury desert safari in Dubai at the BBQ dinner buffet. You will find their local kitchens offering all kinds of barbecued meats to appease your tastebuds. After a full day of adventure under the sun, such Arabian cuisines will definitely make your day unforgettable! Also, you can get soft drinks, coffee, fresh fruits, and unlimited water here.

    Ready to Go on a Premium Desert Safari in Dubai?

    If yes, discover your ideal desert safari experience with us, Arabian Excursions. We are offering the best tour attractions and holiday packages beyond your imagination, from Atlantis Helicopter Tour to Desert Safari, including Dune Buggy safari, Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner, Royal and Heritage desert safari, to Theme Parks and other attractions, such as The Lounge - Burj Khalifa, At the Top Burj Khalifa, The View At the Palm, Wild Wadi Water Park, The Dubai Balloon, Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise, MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, and much more. 

    So, while traveling alone or with groups, book your premium desert safari in Dubai now and enjoy the beauty of Arabia!

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